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Residentials at Lea Green Centre

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At the start of 2018 we gratefully received some telescopes from Scopes4SEN to enable children and young adults with disabilities or learning difficulties to see local wildlife, the Moon, the planets and the stars when visiting Lea Green Centre.  Joanne and Patrick from Scopes4SEN are on a mission to support vulnerable people get involved with astronomy and science on a hands on basis and through the support of sponsors are able to donate equipment and educational materials to provide Buy generic viagra 100mg

Spectrum Festival

Autism friendly festival Sunday 23rd September 2018  We're pleased to announce that Lea Green Centre are hosting Spectrum Festival which is being organised by peaksGO in aid of Autism East Midlands who are celebrating their 50th anniversary in 2018.  peaksGO are based in Cromford and arrange corporate treasure hunts and outdoor events. The festival will provide a fun and safe environment for people to enjoy a range of activities as well as helping to raise awareness for Autism and Read the rest of this article

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Adventure Days return to Lea Green Centre in Derbyshire to provide outdoor activities throughout selected school holidays. Darran, Assistant head of service and manager of our sister centre White Hall in Buxton, fills us in on the benefits of outdoor play and adventurous activities... So you thought they were off on the adventure days to have fun, well the good news is they are but let me tell you what else the adventure day will do for your child. Time spent in the outdoors on adventure activities How much does neurontin cost without insurance